Testimonial Karin P.

For almost two years my tailbone was hurting me. This was very annoying, since sitting or lying down was a constant pain.
I already had done a number of therapies, one with a pelvic floor physiotherapist and another with an orthomanual physician.
When a colleague advised me to visit the free walk-in consultation hour at the Chiropractic Rugkliniek in Heerlen, I waited for a while, because I had visited a chiropractor in the past for my back problems I had before and looking at my tailbone problems I could not see the need for it and didn’t think it would help.
Nevertheless, at some point in time I went to this free walk-in consultation hour thinking ‘it can’t harm to at least try it’.
When arriving at the Rugkliniek I was introduced to Dr. Breske. He immediately started to talk about stress and overload of our system.
He has treated me with CPM – this is the abbreviation for Center Point Meditation – and believe it or not, the pain that was bothering me for almost two years instantly disappeared.
Dr. Breske could not promise me that it would stay away, but – for the first time in two years – I was free of pain. And of course that made me very emotional. I could not stop crying, because (in my experience) he had done almost nothing.
My pain has not disappeared permanently, but it is far less than before.
Because of the Corona crisis I was forced to stop the treatments temporarily, but as soon as possible I will go back.
I am very happy that I’ve got to know Dr. Breske and I am convinced that he’s going to do a lot of great things with CPM.

Karin P.