From a CPM Client

Life is just amazing and it is truly a wonderful gift. Respect the journey ahead and learn from the things that once were. Enjoy each day as fully as you can, as each moment is unique and will never come back again. I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. I am blessed and very thankful for a life based on respect, honesty, caring, love and friendship. Keeping memories in mind, for the wonderful road ahead, the challenges along and for a new view on the horizon each day. Sometimes you have to learn on how to let go of certain parts of your life and sometimes you have to learn on how to accept new things into your life as well. On our family’s journey, we have learned to accept help when it presents itself and when you are lucky that help turns out to something completely different as what you had expected. One of these gifts in life presented itself a few years ago. I was recovering from an injury in a leg that started to affect my life on a daily basis. I visited many doctors, specialists and hospitals. I received many different treatments over the years but paused the process when I was advised to get surgery and this would have interrupted my life for many months in the hope that something they couldn’t exactly identify would then be fixed.

My wife was in that time in a similar situation, for the recovery of years of treatments in a fertility center and a heavy pregnancy, was not doing very well at all. Years of pain, years of seeing specialists and a medical conclusion that it maybe was the state of mind rather then something physical was for us unacceptable. Then something happened, something unexpected. A dear friend of us heard some stories about an American Chiropractor who was practicing in the Netherlands. We investigated and learned that many people were very happy with the treatments they received from Dr. Matthew Breske. Both our quality of life increased significantly after several sessions with him. The body has many challenges but also has many secrets where various people such as doctors and specialists all bring their own expertise into the recovery process. The expertise that he brought into our treatments as a chiropractor were just remarkable and most of the times even unbelievable as a lot of the issues seemed to go away just after a few sessions with him. A success story? Yes, absolutely but by far not the end of the road. Matt is the CEO of “Intuitive Mind Solutions” and the founder of “Center Point Meditation”. He developed something unique and something that goes well with the physical responsibilities he has as a chiropractor. He brought us in contact with this newly developed meditation technique and the entire program around it. His treatments and knowledge based on that meditation technique have helped us to heal and to grow into the people we are today. Free of pain with a very new feeling on what is possible out there. I could talk about the experiences for many hours and probably for days. My advice is if you want to increase your quality of life start looking into what Dr. Breske can do for you as a chiropractor and as the creator of the “Center Point Meditation” technique. I will always will be everlasting grateful for the life changing experience that both approaches brought to my family and myself. Matthew’s dedication to help people, his experience and unique abilities do make him one of life’s greatest gifts. He made me a better person, a better husband to my lovely wife, a better father for our heaven sent son and a better director in the company I work in.
Thank you Matt, all the best,
Bjorn Kochen.