Center Point Meditation has been discovered 8 years ago and is being shared with the world 5 years ago (read more about the history and its discovery here). CPM, as a relaxation technique, has been proven in the last 7 years by practicing the technique on people and by people practicing the technique on themselves to decrease tension in the body created from the conflict between your thoughts, feelings and emotions within seconds. After seeing so many magical results with my own eyes and the experiences of the people who got treated with CPM matter the most. But it’s a fact that we live in a world where logic is still dominating and where data proves whether or not something is as effective and valuable as our experiences. That having said, we were also very interested in doing research to understand how Center Point Meditation is affecting the body and to proof CPM’s effectiveness on the body.

Brain Mechanics' Research

We worked together with Karim Delgado from Brain Mechanics who did research on grade frequency to see what kind of frequencies are active in the brain, heart rate variability which is a good indicator for overall health, like heartbeats and autonomic nervous system, a nonlinear systems biology assessment that measures chakras, and much more. In the video he also talks about one of his clients’ experiences and results from living in pain for 23 hours a day, to experiencing pain for only 4/5 hours a day and the pain went from a level 10 to a level 2. Besides that he used to sleep for only 3 hours a night to not having sleeping problems anymore. After the 45 minute CPM session in where his pain went away, he is practicing CPM now on a daily basis, even every hour, because it is so easy to do.

Some profound scientific evidence found by Brain Mechanics

Heart Rate Variability Improvements

Karim from Brain Mechanics says that the improvements in heart rate variability are so profound, the current approaches can’t improve heart rate variability the way Center Point Meditation does in just 45 minutes (that is based on the research, one CPM sessions takes just a few seconds up to a few minutes). It might take years to actually see it gradually change in the way CPM has that effect in just a matter of time.

Bio-Field Shift

From a patchy looking field, that has different areas or gaps, after a Center Point Meditation session the field is much more uniform. Or when a person has a hip problem, you can see a flare up in the energetic field at the hip before Center Point, and after Center Point, there are no more flare ups. 

Energetic Resolutions

Through researching the Bio-Entropic Field, Center Point Meditation has been proven to energetically resolve an injury / pain that is physically being felt. That in itself is revolutionary.


Center Point Meditation is similar to Vipassana Meditation. It is a practice that takes you to a point where you experience equanimity, where you can actually feel rest, peace, ease and flow. It is a transformative experience, it changes you. It creates wisdom within yourself, and your body, your spirit, your mind.

“People sometimes need to see the scientific evidence but you know, that is knowledge. Where we are getting is to taking people to the wisdom moment where they can experience this. And I think ultimately that’s where it’s at. – Karim Delgado”

Demonstration of how CPM lowers blood pressure

We performed only two CPM sessions . The person’s initial blood pressure was 162/82. After the first session the blood pressure was reduced to 153/78. After the second CPM session the blood pressure was reduced to 141/71. This means Center Point Meditation, if used on a regular/daily basis, can dramatically influence your health and vitality by keeping your blood pressure within a healthier range.

Performing various tests

In this video we are performing various tests on how Center Point Meditation works on the body and brain in real time. Tests being done include EEG, Heart variability, Breath Analysis and Body Conductivity.