Center Point Meditation

“A unique meditation experience”

We’ve put the fundamentals of CPM in this e-book. If you’d like to learn more about what Center Point Meditation is, this is a great start. You’ll learn about the theory behind the Bio-field, why it is called ‘Meditation’ and how you can determine your mental and emotional state that is causing a tense influence over your physical state and overall well-being.

“Center Point Meditation is a technique that will allow you to distinguish if it is a thought or a feeling that is causing your current mental situation and having tense influence over your physical state and well-being. In regards to the CPM technique, there is one of four states of mental activity present in a person at any given time: the ‘Extreme Thinker’, the ‘Extreme Feeler’, the ‘Extreme Feeling Thinker’ and the ‘Balanced Feeling Thinker’. The three extreme categories represent an imbalance. The goal of CPM is to get out of the Extreme states and into the Balanced State.”