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'Bio-field interpretation'

In this e-book you’ll learn what the Bio-Field is from different perspectives, which Bio-Field therapies are currently practiced in the world, what the Bio-Field interpretation is and how it relates to Center Point Meditation.

“The Bio-Field. Some call it the aura, the magnetic field or the Bio-Energetic Field. The Bio-Field is an extension of the body. Our body and mind can think and feel and this energy, from thinking and feeling, can be stored within the Bio-Field. Our Bio-Field is not silent in activity, it is actually in a state of constant dynamic activity. Over the years we have proven that the Bio-Field is as dynamic in activity as the body and mind itself. Within the Bio-Field it is shown that there are many smaller Bio-Fields within the body as well. We are in the process of establishing that the brain, the chakra energy centres, the organs, muscles and joints of the body each have their own Bio-Field. Center Point Meditation focuses on the theory that the Heart Bio-Field is the largest of all the Fields and the Left and Right Brain Bio-Fields are constantly pulling the physical body off it’s Center Point position, thus creating a disbalance or dis-ease in the system.”