CPM Advanced (Therapeutics) Workshop

In this workshop we use the principles of Center Point Meditation in a way that can therapeutically provide improvements in specific conditions that cause pain, tension and/or stiffness. Center Point Meditation is a technique that addresses the overall tension pattern in the body. Center Point Therapeutics is a technique, based on CPM, that you can use to address conditions at a more local level. When doing the Center Point Therapeutics technique on yourself, you can significantly reduce the amount of pain and tension in the associated area that is being addressed.

What you’ll learn in this Workshop

  • Center Point Touch:
    How to systematically find the path of least resistance on different body
    parts by using your hands to move around in different positions

  • CPM Shift:
    How to re-shift your body into a new position in your bio-field (highly effective for
    extreme low back pain)

  • ‘Bring in the Pain’ Technique:
    How to find your painful area in your bio-field (how to lean into
    your pain) and how to relief and release (highly effective for back pain issues)

  • How to use the Center Point Principles to precisely relax and reduce tension in specific body parts

By using the Center Point Touch, you are allowing to bring the light in: you allow the breath to come into the area that you have discomfort. When moving into the ease of the path of least resistance; the light, the breath, the attention and the relaxation that is coming into your body will heal that specific part that you’re touching

By using Center Point Therapeutics, you can free yourself from immediately needing a chiropractor, physical therapist, psychologist, or medical doctor to help you with your pain, tension, stiffness and other physical symptoms.

This is for you if you...

Center Point Therapeutics can be applied by anyone, anywhere, at any time and results can be felt within a few minutes.
This is the (r)evolution of pain relief.


You cannot make this purchase until you have bought and completed the CPM Basic Workshop