CPM Basic Workshop

The Center Point Meditation workshops are designed to teach you how to effectively use CPM as a self-healing relaxation technique in your daily life and how to utilize all the benefits CPM has to offer with no assistance from anyone else. CPM is practical and hands-on, it’s easy to learn and the best part is that it only takes a few minutes to do with immediate results.

What you’ll learn in this Basic Workshop

  • How to correctly and effectively do the CPM technique on your own
  • The basic fundamentals of CPM
  • How to decrease and/or eliminate pain and discomfort in your body created from
    the conflict between your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • The six different body positions and what each position mean
  • The revolutionary Bio-Field Map that will allow you to distinguish the root causes that are influencing your physical state and overall well-being

In this workshop you’ll get the tools necessary to do CPM for the rest of your life.

The benefits of using CPM yourself

The effects of using CPM on yourself

You’ll gain more body awareness

You’ll find out why you experience pain and discomfort and how to make it stop by following the path of least resistance

You’ll gain more mental and emotional awareness

You’ll gain more awareness about how your thoughts, feelings and emotions are connected and how they influence your physical body

More well-being, less pain and suffering

By using CPM in your daily life you empty your tension cup, and you’ll be able to thrive more in life

Center Point Meditation can be used by anyone, anywhere,
at any time and results can be felt within a few minutes.

The workshop is structured in four modules:



Intro to CPM and Practice

  • Center Point Meditation Introduction
  • Practicing the Basics
    Introduction to the Bio-Field and Bio-Field Map



The Bio-Field Map

  • How thoughts and feelings affect your Bio-Field
  • How the past, present and future affect your Bio-Field
  • How the Bio-Field and your body are connected



Various CPM Theories and CPM Alternatives

  • Various CPM Theories and how it works
  • CPM Alternatives: CPM standing, Active CPM techniques
  • Using Center Point Meditation for Pain Relief



CPM practice and Advanced CPM methods

  • “Bring the Pain” Technique
  • Partner Center Point Training
  • Final Practice

PLUS Additional bonus content for Pain relief techniques

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