Center Point Meditation was discovered when I was being treated by a colleague of mine. During the session I was put in a certain position that caused my whole body to instantly relax. At that time I was dealing with massive pain in my lower back from having three herniated discs. But during that treatment I experienced, for the first time in a long time, no pain. After the session I asked him what he did. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about, he was just doing his thing he said. I, being the person like I am, wanted to know what happened and why I felt this weightless, pain-free sensation and wanted to know how I could feel that again. This was how Center Point Meditation was born. From this point on I began to reverse engineer the experience that I had. I began to recreate my experience and was also able to practice this method with the many clients that I treated as a chiropractor. One day I felt quite lost in trying to reproduce my experience and then something magical happened. I had two clients who came in on the same day and they had the same emotional reaction while sitting in the same position that I moved them in. Their personal narratives were so similar as well as their physical symptoms, that I knew I was on to something. I thought, “could this be a left brain – right brain balancing issue”? It sure was. Both the clients had been thinking with their left brain too much and using thinking as a way to block themselves from experiencing their emotional states. When I moved them to the right side of their energy field, they both instantly started crying and both experienced the pain they had leave their body within 30 seconds. By utilizing this new information, I have been able to map out the entire Bio-field and can determine what the root cause is in why people’s bodies store tension.

Dr. Matthew J. Breske
founder of Center Point Meditation

A few weeks after this discovery I had an accident and severely injured my back. I had radiation down my left leg, drop foot, no reflexes and function of my left leg and a 10/10 in pain. It was unbearable. I tried to CPM it to see if that could help. Sadly my first attempts only seemed to make it worse. The problem was, I was overthinking it. I was trying to think my way through it. I made a small adjustment to how I use CPM and instantly evolved its philosophy in how it worked and then something amazing happened. I did three 15 second meditation sessions, using what we now call the “Bring the Pain” technique, on myself and I stood up from the stool I was on with absolutely no pain. I could not believe it. By moving in certain directions in a certain order I was able to balance out my left-brain and right-brain resulting in my body totally relaxing as well as releasing all the tension that was causing me pain: I was able to also use the information that I obtained, from knowing what each direction I moved to meant, and was able to expose the subconscious thinking and feeling patterns that were causing my body to be so tense. I couldn’t be happier from the results that it created. After my experience I decided to see if what I discovered existed in the world as some known healing technique that I didn’t know about. After searching the web for something like CPM, I found that it did not exist. So from then on I decided to write a couple books about it in order to share my discovery with the world. I also created live and online workshops to teach people how to do CPM on themselves, and a practitioner program to teach other therapists and healing practitioners how to integrate CPM into their healing tool box. I never thought that CPM would evolve to what it has over the years, but I couldn’t be happier about it. I can’t wait to share this wonderful method with you.

During the development of Center Point Meditation, new things were also discovered along the way. One of the first things discovered is that Center Point Meditation not only works on the global level on the body, it can be used locally on all the body parts just by touching the body in a certain way. We called it Center Point Therapeutics (CPT) and it can be used on yourself or as a practitioner on a client. The possibilities how you can use CPT are endless. I haven’t found a part of the body that CPT can’t be used on. CPT uses the global principles based off Center Point Meditation. The CPT workshop is about self-healing and is used by relaxing specific body parts, incorporating breath and applying specific wisdom into the system allowing the body to heal itself faster. The CPT workshop is a second level program that requires you to know all the information from our Center Point Meditation (Basic) workshop.

When I discovered Center Point Energetics (CPE) it was totally an unexpected situation. I had been playing around with energy work from time to time because it always fascinated me how people get better from these alternative methods. After having developed CPM and CPT, I now had different tools in my toolbox to use. I combined CPM and CPT principles with a tai-chi style energy technique that I studied for some time and the combination was outstanding. On the very first time I used the method, it created a change that was almost too unbelievable to believe. A man with a fused wrist from an operation had 10% range of motion for 40 years. After one Center Point Energetics treatment on the wrist, which took about 30 seconds, he went to 100% range of motion. The craziest thing about it is, I didn’t even touch him. Since then, I have been able to perform CPE on almost any part of the body. I am currently creating a Center Point Energetics program so I can teach this method to other people. This course is intended for healers who want to expand their knowledge and learn something they have never learned before.