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Why would you want to be a Center Point Practitioner?

By learning Center Point Meditation and performing a guided Center Point Meditation session (20-30 seconds) on your clients, you can drastically change the way they feel and the way they think about their challenges. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, anyone can learn to do guided Center Point Meditation sessions on other people. Besides that, in the practitioner program we also pay attention to the integration of CPM into your practice(s)/profession, so that you can make it your own. Whether you are an experienced (holistic) therapist, energy/body worker and/or coach, or you want to deepen your holistic knowledge about the human body and mind, and/or you aspire to making the world a better place by helping people; Center Point Meditation is the practical technique (and solution) to your skillset.

Why is Center Point Meditation valuable to add to your practice?

CPM allows you to dive into the root cause of your client’s wellbeing by analyzing the many aspects of your client’s mental, emotional and physical state in this very moment and in such a short amount of time allowing you to even serve more people, without loosing quality.

Center Point Meditation possesses knowledge that has been forgotten in this world. It is our mission to bringing this ancient wisdom back to the people.

Who is this for?

Application process

There will be an application process in order to become a Center Point Meditation Practitioner. We value integrity, and are discerning in how this beautiful work is taught and practiced. Even though Center Point Meditation is easy to apply and practice, as a practitioner you engage with the essence of human consciousness and vitality. To navigate and facilitate those processes safely and effectively, one must have extensive understanding and experience.

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