Increase awareness of your thoughts, feelings & emotions, decrease pain, tension & stress in your body and bring instant relaxation into your life.

What is Center Point Meditation (CPM)?

Do you have pain or discomfort in your body and you don’t know why?

Center Point Meditation (CPM) is a relaxation technique that dives right into the root cause of your pain and discomfort, in this moment in time and space. Giving you not only the answers you’re seeking, but also giving you the physical relaxation that your body needs in order to heal itself.

Many meditation techniques require you to use your mind to relax the body and mind but CPM uses your body to relax your mind and body.

When CPM is used effectively, it reduces and/or eliminates pain and discomfort by decreasing the tension created from the conflict between your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Center Point Meditation can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time and results can be felt within a few minutes, sometimes even seconds.

Why Center Point Meditation?

Pain Relief & Range of Motion

Center Point Meditation releases the tension that is causing you pain and discomfort and reduces stress throughout the entire body. CPM can also dramatically improves range of motion immediately.

Physical & Mental Relaxation

Center Point Meditation is a physical relaxation technique and research shows that it creates relaxed brain wave patterns and can instantly improves heart rate variability.

Self-healing & self-empowering technique

It is our mission to help you heal yourself by empowering you, challenging your old narratives and re-wiring your belief system that keeps you stuck from healing yourself.

How to do Center Point Meditation?

Center Point Meditation can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time and results can be felt within a few minutes

CPM Streaming Portal

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